Everyone knows passwords are important. But why are they so vital? Passwords help ensure security and confidentiality of information you have stored in accounts and on all your various devices and computers. The scary thing is, one of the most common ways hackers break in is by simply guessing passwords. It is your responsibility to make … Read more

WHY and HOW to Choose a Niche for Your VA Business

Do you struggle with finding clients? Are you currently making the income you desire? Are the services you offer clearly defined? If you answered no to any of these the answer may be you need to choose a niche. The riches are in the niches What exactly is a niche? Simply put, a niche is … Read more

IPPY Book Awards

The Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Book Awards – Final entry deadline is February 23, 2019 The Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award are probably the most well known and prestigious, but other book awards exist specifically for self-published or small press books. Book awards can be tremendously valuable to the marketing efforts of the … Read more

Choose Networking Events that are Right for you

In our last post we talked about goal setting and how planning ahead saves you time and will help you be more productive. As we mentioned, attending conferences and workshops demonstrates commitment to continued education and personal growth. According to IBISWorld conferences and trade shows are a $13.8 billion industry. Since attending networking events is … Read more

Goal Setting and 2018 Writer / Author Conferences

Have you set your goals for 2018? Planning ahead will save you time and help you be more productive. Prioritize your goals for the year. Be specific about why you want to realize these top goals then make a commitment to achieve those goals. A lot of people find it helpful to use a full … Read more