Time Management Tips for Author and Speaker Assistants

Last week we shared information about the benefits of creating weekly action plans, to do lists and the importance of setting goals.

There isn’t much that’s more valuable to us than our time. In fact, time is so precious it is probably our most valuable resource. That’s why it is so important for us to make the most of it and take steps to waste as little as possible. Even more important is that we stay focused and direct our time and efforts toward actions that get us the results we’re working so hard to achieve.

When you start tracking your time and pay attention to what you actually do versus what you need to do every week, you’ll get a clear list of action items you can use as a guide to help improve how you spend your time.

Get organized

Misplacing or losing important documents or pieces of information, having to repeatedly ask for vital information, waiting until the very last minute to complete a task or and neglecting to meet a deadline entirely are all unnecessary time wasters. Experiment with different organizational systems that work well for you and use them consistently.

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The Benefits of Maintaining a Weekly Action Plan

To succeed in growing your business, staying in action weekly is an absolute must.

Do you fill out a Weekly Action Plan?

It only takes a few minutes and it has been proven that when you write your goals, you have a much better chance of achieving them. And when you do the basic action steps below, in time, your business will flourish and be sustainable.

This simple exercise is the key to building your business, week in and week out. It’s quick, easy and highly effective. Top leaders do this every single week.

Do you know what your goals are?

Answer the following questions honestly:

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The 5 Most Debilitating Thoughts of a Self-Sabotaging Entrepreneur

We often talk about the many things that help build a successful business. At the same time you are doing the positive work to build your business you may be indulging in self-sabotage. Recognizing and eliminating your own self-sabotaging behaviors will not only make it easier to be successful in your business it is key to living a happy life in balance with your business goals.

There are lots of things entrepreneurs do to get in the way of their own success. These are five of the most debilitating:

  1. Negative mindset
  2. Lack of self-confidence
  3. Doubt
  4. Jealousy
  5. Fear of failure

Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen” — Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

Has this ever happened to you? You’re thinking or wishing something would happen and then, BOOM! It happens?

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Leading Opportunities for the Virtual Assistant as a Professional Author’s Assistant

Author’s assistants have been around for hundreds of years. But today being an author’s assistant has taken on new meaning and relevance with the increasing numbers of authors and the rise of self-publishing.

The self-publishing revolution made possible by Amazon.com and print on-demand (POD) technology has made it possible for writers, speakers and subject matter experts realize their dreams of being published—but they need help to do it in a professional way.

Author assistants have the privilege of knowing that they are vital to the important creative and artistic work of the literary world. Believe me, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than seeing a book you helped create sitting on a bookstore shelf or for sale on Amazon and available to the whole world! It is extremely satisfying to know that you were a big part of making it happen and getting it there.

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