Leading Opportunities for the Virtual Assistant as a Professional Author’s Assistant

Author’s assistants have been around for hundreds of years. But today being an author’s assistant has taken on new meaning and relevance with the increasing numbers of authors and the rise of self-publishing.

The self-publishing revolution made possible by Amazon.com and print on-demand (POD) technology has made it possible for writers, speakers and subject matter experts realize their dreams of being published—but they need help to do it in a professional way.

Author assistants have the privilege of knowing that they are vital to the important creative and artistic work of the literary world. Believe me, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than seeing a book you helped create sitting on a bookstore shelf or for sale on Amazon and available to the whole world! It is extremely satisfying to know that you were a big part of making it happen and getting it there.

The great thing about becoming part of this lucrative profession is that many virtual assistants already have many of the skill sets that are most often needed to work with authors. Proficiency in word processing, creating and using spreadsheets to track the processes, good communication skills and an ability to manage administrative details are skills that most virtual assistants have already mastered. Many virtual assistants also have experience in other areas that are critical for authors such as maintaining and optimizing web sites, creating media kits, handling newsletters, managing mailing lists, making travel arrangements, and overseeing schedules.

All of these skills coupled with a strong work ethic and commitment to succeed are the stepping stones that will help lead you to achieve all of your entrepreneurial goals.

With the training available in the Professional Author Assistant Training and Certification Course a virtual assistant can not only boost their level of expertise but their income as well by being able to take on responsibilities that have been traditionally handled by in-office staff, publishing companies and publicists.

Of all the possible tasks, there are seven that stand out as the leading opportunities and biggest needs for authors:

Of all the possible tasks, there are seven that stand out as the leading opportunities and biggest needs for authors:

  1. Coordinating the Self -Publishing Process. Between getting the ISBN and LCCN (the unique numbers needed for books), and all the coordination between the book cover designer interior designer, editor, indexer and proofreader, an author has his or her hands full. A Professional Author’s Assistant can leave the author free to do what he or she alone must do – write the book and effectively market it.
  2. Obtaining Permissions. A little understood part of the publishing process is the need for permissions. In traditional publishing, an author’s contract requires that he or she is providing the publisher with all brand new material, unless the author gets specific permission to use quotes, interviews, lyrics, and photographs that aren’t his or her original work. With self-publishing the author takes on the same legal liability and must assure they have the rights to use any material that is not their own. A Professional Author Assistant will know how to track down the original owner and get the specific type of written permission required.
  3. Preparing a Competitive Analysis for the Book Proposal. If an author wants a traditional publisher, one of the first hoops to jump through will be to create a world-class book proposal. Having the help of a Professional Author Assistant who knows exactly what is required in the competitive assessment as well as other important pieces of the puzzle will minimize the time it will take the author.
  4. Helping the Author Get Great Reviews. The fastest way to book sales success and international acclaim is to get great book reviews in top newspapers, industry trade journals and on Amazon.com. A Professional Author Assistant knows when to send the manuscript, how to do it and when to follow up to maximize the author’s chance for reviews that can be used for the life of the book.
  5. Preparing the Manuscript for Layout. Years ago, probably the first job of the very first author’s assistant was to prepare the manuscript to be typeset. This task has changed in format but hasn’t diminished in importance. Delivering a manuscript in the right type font with the right margins and with the pieces in the right order is an essential skill of the trained Professional Author Assistant.
  6. Managing a Virtual Book Tour. A virtual book tour takes the author around the world speaking and interacting with readers, without leaving the comfort of his or her office, computer and telephone. Major publishers recommend that authors take virtual book tours to boost sales and a Professional Author Assistant can set it up, manage it and help maximize results.
  7. Managing an Amazon Bestseller Campaign. Do you know a potential client who wants to become not only an author but a best-selling author? That dream is not so far as you might think with an Amazon.com bestseller campaign. Professional Author Assistants can handle the coordination of the listing on Amazon.com, the bonus gifts which are required to make it successful and tracking the Amazon rank all the way to #1.

You can learn more about the training and certification program that will enable you to add the specific skills to become a Professional Author Assistant here.

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