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Manuscript Services

1-0 Get Ready to Learn About Creating a Manuscript

1-1 Inventory and Organize the Author’s Source Documents

1-2 Research the Target Reader

1-3 Fact Check Information in a Book

1-4 Get Permission to Use the Work of Others

1-5 Coordinate Professional Peer and Target Reader Reviews

1-6 Research Potential Publishers and Submit a Book Proposal

1-7 Do a Competitive Analysis for a Book Proposal

1-8 Prepare the Manuscript to Submit to the Publisher

1-9 Challenge Yourself!: Author Services Exercises #1

Publishing Services

2-0 Get Ready to Learn About Book Publishing

2-1 Coordinate the Self Publishing Process

2-2 Coordinate Testimonial Requests

2-3 Organize the Information for the Book Cover

2-4 Get the ISBN for a Book

2-5 Get a Bar Code for a Book

2-6 Prepare the Information to Create the Book Interior

2-7 Get the Library Cataloging Information for a Book

2-8 Prepare an eBook

2-9 Get a Book Printed

2-10 Work with Lightning Source

2-11 Work with a POD Publisher

2-12 Review the Printer’s Proof

2-13 Get Retail Distribution and Sell to Bookstores

2-14 Get the Copyright Registered

2-15 Challenge Yourself!: Author Services Exercises #2

Book Marketing Services

3-0 Get Ready to Learn About Book Marketing

3-1 Coordinate Book Marketing Activities (includes the marketing plan and publication date)

3-2 Get Industry Book Reviews

3-3 Coordinate Development of the Author Web Site (includes social media, blogging)

3-4 Coordinate the Author’s Media Presence (includes the media kit and article submission)

3-5 Get Listed and Maximize the Book’s Amazon Web Page

3-6 Create a Virtual Book Tour

3-7 Organize a Live Book Event (speaking engagements, book launch party)

3-8 Launch an Amazon Best Seller Campaign

3-9 Enter Book Awards Competitions

3-10 Challenge Yourself!: Author Services Exercises #3

Marketing VAA Services to Authors

4-0 Get Ready to Learn About Marketing to Authors

4-1 Attract Authors with Your Web Presence

4-2 Identify Authors as Business Prospects

4-3 Get Referrals with Personal Networking

4-4 Create Clients from Prospects

4-5 Create Great Client Relationships

4-6 Become a Resource Through Speaking and Writing

4-7 Create Media Opportunities

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Instructions for the Training Program

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You can go through the training program by clicking subject by subject on this page, above.