Business Start Up Information

While we wish we could provide detailed business information for all businesses in all countries, it is beyond the scope of this training program to do so. On this page and on others in this Business section, we direct you to find the information you need for a number of countries at the links below. In addition, it is important that you get help for business regulation, taxation and insurance from the appropriate professionals in your area.

Running a successful virtual business includes set up (business name, licensing, web site, client paperwork, office space and equipment and insurance), finance (banking, PayPal, tracking time, invoicing and bookkeeping), and finally the ongoing things that will help you grown your business successfully (ethics and standards, continuing education and learning, troubleshooting your challenges). Below are the basics of all three categories.

Download the information about the following business topics here

Setting Up Your VAA Business
Name Your Business/Domain Name
Business Registration and Requirements
PayPal/Business Banking
Business Organization
Client Paperwork/Recordkeeping
Using Google in Your Business
Office Space/Office Equipment and Supplies
Insurance and Risk Management
Time Tracking/Invoicing
The VAA Business Plan
Professional Standards and Ethics
Continuing Education
Troubleshooting Business Challenges

Business Start-Up Information
From Employee to Entrepreneur

International Business Links
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Small Business Administration (SBA)
Small Business Development Centers in the US
Entrepreneur Mag Web Site for Home-Based/Small Businesses
NOLO – sample legal forms
Advice and over 500 business forms
Wells Fargo Bank Business Start Up Web Site
Bank of America Small Business Resource Center