Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Training Program

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I. The Work of the Speaker’s Assistant

1-1 Inventory Speaker’s Source Material
1-2 Get Permissions for Material Not Owned by the Speaker
1-3 Coordinate the Trademark and IP Protection Process
1-4 Create Multi-Media Presentations – PowerPoints, webinars, streaming videos
1-5 Create Handouts
1-6 Submit Articles

II. Managing the Speaker’s Marketing & Sales Process

2-1 Handle the Marketing and Sales Process
2-2 Understand and Research the Target Audience and Competition
2-3 Coordinate the Speaker’s Web Site and Media Kit – One sheet, bios, images, press releases, testimonials
2-4 Work with Speaker Prospects
2-5 Produce Blogs, Newsletters and Coordinate Social Networking
2-6 Manage Lead Generation and Outreach – Media, email campaigns

III. Managing the Speaker’s Logistics

3-1 Work with Speakers Bureaus
3-2 Work with Meeting Planners
3-3 Manage Speaker Contracts
3-4 Set Up Travel – airlines, hotels, ground transport
3-5 Coordinate the Physical Logistics of the Speech – meeting room set up, pre-event coordination, day of the event
3-6 Work with Technology – microphones, computers
3-7 Coordinate Videotaping and the Speaker’s Demo Video – videos and podcasts

IV. Managing the Speaker’s Office

4-1 Work with the Speaker
4-2 Set Up Administrative Office Procedures
4-3 Handle the Speaker Database of Clients and Prospects
4-4 Manage the Speaker’s Calendar
4-5 Manage Industry Certifications (CSP/NSA)

V. Managing the Speaker’s Products

5-1 Manage the Speaker’s Products and Fulfillment
5-2 Create and Coordinate a Virtual Product Launch
5-3 Sell Products at Events

VI. Marketing VSA Services to Speakers

6-0 Get Ready to Marketing to Speakers
6-1 Attract Speakers with Your Web Presence
6-2 Identify Speakers as Business Prospects
6-3 Get Referrals with Personal Networking
6-4 Create Great Clients from Prospects
6-5 Create Great Client Relationships
6-6 Become a Resource Through Speaking and Writing
6-7 Create Media Opportunities

Challenge Exercises  (optional)

Take the certification final exam and become certified as a Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant!

Instructions for the Training Program

We are glad you found your way to the Virtual Speaker’s Assistants Online Headquarters, the place where you will find everything you need for the training program and for your work with authors long after you complete the course. If this is your first time on the site, we recommend you  read the next few paragraphs.

Everything you need from printable content to audios to video slidecasts is available right here on this web site. You can always return to this page by clicking on VSA COURSE on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Follow each topic in sequence.

Challenge Exercises give you a chance to  practice your new skills. There is also a final exam after you read through all the information so you can be certified as a Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant. The exam is multiple choice and open book. You can take it as many times as you wish.

We hope you enjoy the training!

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