Final Exam for the Professional Speaker’s Assistant Certification

Click on the link below to download the final exam to your computer. Please also click on the answer sheet link and download the answer sheet as well. Write on the answer sheet and fill it in looking at the exam questions

Don’t worry about taking an exam for your certification. It is 50 multiple-choice and fill-in questions. It is also open-book and you can use any notes or downloads or anything on the web site while you take it. The only thing we ask is that you not complete the final with someone else doing the course. We have no way of judging your readiness to take on speaker clients unless you take the final on your own.

You may also take it as many times as you need to if you do not pass the first time. A passing score is 85% or above. We will give you feedback and let you know about any questions you miss. You’ll have the opportunity to review and correct any incorrect answers.

The final exam only covers the speaker service topics and not any information on creating a business or marketing to speakers (the last section in the training materials)..

PSA Training Final Exam

VSA Final Exam Answer Sheet.doc

When you have completed the exam, email the answer sheet only to:

We make every effort to grade the exams within two to three business days of receipt.