Permission to Use Content on this Site

Everything on this web site, including everything you download is intended for the personal use of course participants and certified Professional Virtual Speakers’s Assistants who have paid for that privilege. While we encourage you to share your expertise with author clients, we ask your help in not sharing the documents with others (except author clients), or using them or their contents without our permission. Please instead encourage interested assistants to take the class themselves. We have an affiliate program, so you can even benefit from the referral!

In addition, we reserve the right to discontinue the privilege of using this site for anyone who is engaged in teaching this same material to others who wish to become speaker’s assistants or virtual speaker’s assistants. We believe only those with extensive backgrounds and mastery of the subject through extensive experience should be teaching about the speaking industry. The information is complex and changes often and unless you are part of this industry professionally it is easy to teach old material or give incorrect information and do a disservice to the clients we attempt to assist. We don’t wish to serve as source material to those who might feel qualified to teach because they’ve been through this course. It is a very expensive and time-consuming process to keep this site up to date and to allow others to profit by using our material to teach and make money doing so is not in keeping with the spirit of what we are doing.

This does not apply to speaker’s assistants who wish to provide courses to potential clients as a way of encouraging them to become clients. It also does not apply to a single sessions to share your expertise and show other potential speaker’s assistants what the work is like.

Finally, you have permission to copy and/or send the materials on this site that are intended to help you market your services to speakers, to speakers. To use any of the other materials in any way requires our expressed written permission in writing.

If we become aware of a virtual speaker’s assistant teaching courses based on this material and on which she profits, we reserve the right to terminate her access to this site without notice and at our sole discretion and no refunds will be granted. In addition, she will no longer have the right to advertise as a PVSA and use our logo on her sites(s). If you have any questions about whether this policy affects you, please let us know.